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Information on public procurement so far can be found in different databases (local, regional and national) and it is not possible to easily link these certified sources in order to have an exhaustive overview of the whole procurement cycle. Moreover, the data are not only quantitatively large but also complex, because they include specifically technical data, opinions for spatial planning, administrative, financial and accounting processes. Monitoring procurement performance at a general and specific level is one of the objectives of the Regional Observatories on Public Contracts, local sections of the Central Observatory set up at ANAC.

The main objective of the experimentation, which continues the one launched in 2016, is to extend the network of "linked data" on public procurement, expanding the model, the territorial scale and the spectrum of information (technical, geographical, administrative, accounting...). The widening of the linked data assets will allow exploring the specificities of each area starting from the detail of the single public work.

Such an approach allows to:

  • facilitate data interoperability on the web;

  • link heterogeneous data sources of independent individuals, with different objectives in the use of data;

  • improve access and exploration to specialised databases;

  • ensure that the search for data is better adapted to users' needs.


To promote the exploitation of the public information assets and to facilitate their accessibility and understanding for citizens and economic operators in the territory, through a clear, objective and simple disclosure of the complex picture of phenomena relating to public procurement.