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Smart Data Platform

The project aims to experiment the digital marketing model identified with the R&D activity "Digital Tourist Journey" (LINK) to propose a personalized use of services to the citizen.

In particular, the activities related to the customization of the services offered are the following:

  • survey and experimentation of the potential of user profiling on the Consortium's websites (institutional sites, thematic sites, services and service portals);

  • evaluating the possibility of using the Smart Data Platform to aggregate all anonymous and authenticated data related to the navigation of users of the Piedmont PA;

  • in-depth study of the adoption of digital marketing techniques on the collected data in order to offer targeted services and information to interested users, without their interest being explicitly expressed.

We will explore the possibility of experimenting also digital marketing techniques aimed at acquisition, which have as their objective not only the proposal of personalized services and content, but also to make the user perform an action: interception of the user interested at a certain time, personalized content proposition, acquisition of user action towards a specific objective (purchase of a ticket for an exhibition, booking of an event of tourist relevance...).

Throughout the planned activity, particular attention will be paid to regulatory aspects relating to privacy issues and the issue of the use of cookies.


Possibility of rethinking the way in which service portals can be used, both those of the Piedmont Region and those of the City of Turin, with particular reference to projects linked to the Citizens' Dossier (PON Metro and POR ERDF programmes).

Broadening the web services offer, thanks to digital marketing tools and methods, with the possibility of directing users' choices towards a specific goal.

Getting the Body closer to the citizen through the Proactivity of the Body towards users of its services.