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The project aims to experiment with new ways of sharing training resources, information and projects within the Smart3L platform, the collaborative learning environment developed by CSI for the development of digital competences of public employees, teachers and students.

The object of the experimentation will be the integration of instant chatting tools (such as Telegram) and advanced repositories (GitHub), to encourage mobile use.

In addition, the activity will improve consultation and archiving of documentation in different formats, through more effective and traceable search and sharing methods with a versioning system.

The Smart3L platform already integrates several components: a CMS, with multiple access and profile (with social account, access credentials to RuparPiemonte and Sistemapiemonte services), the LCMS Moodle to deliver online courses also in a collaborative way, a webinar-streaming solution for online seminars.


The project will enrich all the Moodle network training platform facilities managed by CSI Piemonte for the Piedmont Region, the Metropolitan City and the City of Turin. In particular, these modes of content fruition will be developed for the MedMood regional platforms for health care professionals, TeachMood for secondary school teachers, Elfo for forest sector operators.

This solution could also be of interest for staff training and the dissemination of e-skills in Piedmontese municipalities.